Party with Gemstones

My stuff from BeautyJoint arrived a few days ago. It was my first purchase; the service was perfect and I’m completely happy with the site. I bought Jordana’s Gemstones and Kleancolor’s What Girls Really Talk About.

Today I’m gonna talk about the first one.

I couldn’t decide which polish use as a base, so I decided to use three. Avon’s Sunshine, Viva Pink and Mistyl Blue.

I’m quite happy with Gemstones. I’ve been wanting a multi-coloured glitter since forever. I know there are a lot other brands super famous out there, but none of them would send their polishes to Argentina. So yay for Jordana and BeautyJoint!

I think this glitter will work with almost any polish. I can’t wait to try more colours!


IC Awareness Nail Art Contest

This week’s mani is for Jenna Froggy’s awesome contest. It’s for a great cause and I hope everyone joins!

It’s my first nail art contest, so I’m not sure about anything, but I wanted to jump in anyway!

When I saw the theme was teal, I just knew I had to try. And I’m killing two birds with one stone, because my classmates wanted to see my magnetic lacquer. It’s not very common around here. My Kiko was a birthday gift from my beautiful friend Laure. I fangirled a lot with it! And she picked the perfect colour! I love her…

I used Kiko’s Deep Green with the Stripes magnet, a england’s Princess Sabra, with a touch of Avon’s Sunshine and a random white for the daisies (which are terrible).

I getting better with the magnet, though! And I’m loving the combination with Princess Sabra.

And I’m not showing you the right hand because the daisy look like it was crushed xD

Good luck to everyone joining the contest! I most certainly would love to try all that Zoya polish :P


Today I wasn’t feeling very well. I was in a really bad mood (I’m gonna miss a Pottercon tomorrow because of a family party!) but, despise everything, I decided I wanted to paint my nails in a really cool way. So I decided to give it a second try to marble nails. I tried once several months ago and didn’t work. Today I understood it was because not every polishes work on this. It’s weird. You just have to try and see what happens.

I prepared myself watching videos in Youtube, and I found this one very helpful. It’s in French, of course I can’t speak it, but it has very good tips and it’s easy to understand.

I used Pink Love’s Glow Orange as a base, and a england‘s Camelot and Perceval, and China Glaze‘s Riveting for the marble.

It was a super messy experience, but not entirely bad. It was actually fun, and only took me about an hour and a half.  But I think I’m gonna try it again very soon.

And I just think Camelot and Riveting belong together. They’re perfect polishes. And Perceval too, duh. I’m a huge a england fan, you’ll see.

Show me your marble nails! :)

Hello there!

Hi, my name is Daniela (but you can call me Iriel) and I’m a nail polish addict. I’m from Argentina, hence my weird grammar (I’m trying to improve it!)

You won’t see quality here, I’m a mess and really lazy, but once in a while I paint my nails in a nice way and I take pictures of them. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of having a blog just for my nails, so I’m going to give it a try!

I don’t own too many foreign polishes yet, but I’m slowly getting myself into it.

I hope you like what you see!