IC Awareness Nail Art Contest

This week’s mani is for Jenna Froggy’s awesome contest. It’s for a great cause and I hope everyone joins!

It’s my first nail art contest, so I’m not sure about anything, but I wanted to jump in anyway!

When I saw the theme was teal, I just knew I had to try. And I’m killing two birds with one stone, because my classmates wanted to see my magnetic lacquer. It’s not very common around here. My Kiko was a birthday gift from my beautiful friend Laure. I fangirled a lot with it! And she picked the perfect colour! I love her…

I used Kiko’s Deep Green with the Stripes magnet, a england’s Princess Sabra, with a touch of Avon’s Sunshine and a random white for the daisies (which are terrible).

I getting better with the magnet, though! And I’m loving the combination with Princess Sabra.

And I’m not showing you the right hand because the daisy look like it was crushed xD

Good luck to everyone joining the contest! I most certainly would love to try all that Zoya polish :P


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