My first giveaway!

I was already planning this giveaway, but last night I reached 60 followers and that’s beyond my wildest dreams! I can’t believe you all follow this silly little blog! Thank you so much for sticking with me!

Now, what’s the prize? Well, I was just about to purchase something at Llarowe to show my gratitude to them, but then I thought, “Why not let someone else try their wonderful products?” So the prize is a $25 gift certificate to purchase in Llarowe. I hope you like it!


  • Open worldwide as long as Llarowe ships to your country.
  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Only the first two entries are mandatory. The rest are optional.
  • The winner has 48 hours to reply my email and claim their prize.
  • The prize will be purchase by me. This is not a sponsored giveaway.

Click here to go to the Rafflecopter widget!


Ya estaba planeando este concurso, pero anoche llegué a los 60 seguidores y es mucho más de lo que me atrevía a soñar. ¡No puedo creer que todos ustedes siguen este blog tonto! ¡Muchísimas gracias por quedarse conmigo!

¿Cuál es el premio? Bueno, estaba a punto de comprar algo en Llarowe para mostrarles mi gratitud, pero después pensé, “¿Por qué no dejar que otra persona pruebe sus maravillosos productos?” Así que el premio es una orden de compra de $25 USD para comprar en Llarowe. ¡Espero que les guste!


  • Abierto para todo el mundo siempre y cuando Llarowe haga envíos a tu país.
  • A partir de 18 años.
  • Solo los dos primeros requisitos son obligatorios. Los demás son opcionales.
  • El ganador tiene 48 horas para responder mi email y reclamar su premio.
  • El premio será comprado por mí. Nadie patrocina este concurso.

¡Hacé click acá para participar en Rafflecopter!


76 thoughts on “My first giveaway!

  1. Que interesante giveaway!! Felicitaciones por los seguidores!!!! Dee ganar seguramente elegiria un indie o a england! Un besokk

  2. Will be satisfying my nail lemmings! Gloss ‘n Sparkle Edge of the World, Different Dimension, piCture pOlish among them as they are not easily found where I stay! Thanks for the giveaway (:

  3. Congrats on the first milestone – wishing you many more lovely followers :) It it up girl.
    Btw if you make facebook option mandatory – some ppl who don’t use it, wont be able to enter ;)
    Wishing you a lovely sunday.

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  5. Hrm, what would I buy…probably A England or Jade. I LOVE A Englands, and I don’t own any Jade holo polishes but I really wish I did!

  6. I just discovered your blog because you started following me and I simply must join this giveaway :) if I win I would buy a good linear holographic polish since I still don’t own that :)

  7. I’d get some from Gloss n Sparkle, Emily de Molly (if I could get them), or Hare Polish! So many great ones!

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