About Me

Hi! I’m Dani, but on the internet my nickname is Iriel. I’m from Argentina and I’ve always loved nail polishes. I used to study Psychology, but now I’m studying to be a Scientific and Literary Translator. I think it’s never too late to search for other options and reinvent your life.

I watch way too many tv shows and I love reading (books and comics as well!).

¡Hola! Soy Dani, pero en internet my apodo es Iriel. Soy de Argentina y siempre amé los esmaltes. Solía estudiar Psicología, pero ahora estoy estudiando para ser Traductora Científico-Literario. Creo que nunca es tarde para buscar otras opciones y reinventar tu vida.

Miro demasiadas series y me encanta leer (no solo libros, ¡sino también cómics!).

I’m all for new friends, so you can find me in several places. / Me encantan los nuevos amigos, así que me pueden encontrar en muchos lugares.

Email: irielprincess@gmail.com

Twitter: @Irielilla

Facebook: Daniela Tiranti

Tumblr: FrakkingMuggles

Pinterest: Iriel

Instagram: Irielilla

Adagio Teas: My fandom blends


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh my goodness, you have your own blends of tea?! You’re officially my idol. :D
    It’s really inspiring that you changed what you were studying to find your passion rather than stuck with it!
    I love your blog and I love that I can read your posts in both languages, love love love that! It’s the first blog like that I found and I would love to see more!
    Take care!

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